German Kitchen Design in the UAE – An Intro on Minimalism in the Kitchen

When you hear the word minimalism, most folks tend to think of spacious empty rooms with hardly any features or functions.

When you hear the word minimalism, most folks tend to think of spacious empty rooms with hardly any features or functions. But minimalism is much more than that. Minimalism blends a functionality with freedom. A minimalist design isn’t just “Less is more”, it’s “Less is Better”. With a minimalist kitchen, you get all the capabilities of a full-fledged cooking station but with more space and less clutter.


Any professional will tell you that having a dedicated space to work is essential to working and performing your best. Space may seem like a finite resource especially if you live within the walls of an apartment or do not have the option to expand your home. However, with a minimalist ideology in mind, you can discover space in places you didn’t consider previously. Minimalism can help you find space.


A minimalist style uses intelligent space saving designs. These are products and devices that have a multitude of features but come in tightly constructed methods. Shelves that hold multiple racks and fold out with more storage are such an example. Perhaps an island for your kitchen could help by offering a large storage space while also expanding your service surface area.


Minimalism helps you discover space not only through intelligent compact designs but by visual techniques too. The colour tones you choose to work with affect the look and feel of your kitchen, or any room for that matter, greatly. With a minimalist design, colours don’t clash with each other or pop out in a distracting way. They each blend together to offer subtle but varied dimensions and depth to your spaces.


The SieMatic German Kitchen Design experts have a style collection dedicated to minimalist kitchen called the PURE Collection. A purist world of minimalist style and design, the PURE collection is simple yet efficient. From our countertops which have not just a sturdy build quality using top grade materials but a unique feel and look as well, to other equally brilliant designs and devices that exude minimalism.


SieMatic UAE brings you its MultiMatic Interior Fitting System. A multi-purpose system that helps you safely store more in less space, the MultiMatic is also a multi-award winning design. The MultiMatic can give you up to 30% more space. With over 80 years of experience in the field of building fantastic kitchens and coming up with designs like no other, SieMatic are true professionals. And that’s not all, SieMatic are multiple award winners, so you know you’re getting nothing but the best for your home with SieMatic. Finally, no minimalist design is true to its core if it doesn’t address the issue of sustainability. With SieMatic German Kitchen Designs you can be sure we are always doing what’s best for the environment. With certification from international DIN-Norm EN ISO 9001:2008 for quality as well as from ISO14001, SieMatic are always optimizing their manufacturing processes.


SieMatic and its German Kitchen Design bring you its most refined and minimalist collection, PURE. There isn’t a comparison that comes near to helping you bring your kitchen dreams to life.