Innovation Versus Trends in Luxury Kitchen Design

A kitchen is an investment in both style and the long life of the cabinetry, fixtures, and the overall layout.

When it comes to designing a kitchen, longevity is the key to good design. A kitchen is an investment in both style and the long life of the cabinetry, fixtures, and the overall layout. With that in mind, it can be difficult to choose between trends that last for a few years and innovative ideas that last the test of time. At Siematic, there is a constant examination of trends, the longevity of design ideas and new thoughts and innovation. As luxury kitchen design experts, Siematic UAE is often looking for innovations that solve problems in a new way, transform the way that people use their spaces or enhance the timelessness of a particular style.


What Are Trends?

A trend is defined as "a prevailing tendency or inclination" as well as a "current style or preference." In luxury kitchen design, this might mean choosing materials or fixtures in a particular style that is at the forefront of design. The difficulty with designing on-trend is the lack of longevity in that particular style. The life of certain design trends can last anywhere between 3-7 years, due to the ever-changing collective idea of what is current. With kitchens often lasting 20 years or more, this can cause a problem between balancing what a homeowner wants in their current space and a style that can last much longer than the trends of that time. Trends are an important aspect of design, as it informs the overall direction of certain eras of style. In looking back at past trends, often one can see where it once was and where it is going.


What Is Innovation?

Innovation is defined as "the introduction of something new" or "a new idea, method, or device." Innovation and invention go hand-in-hand, creating a new product that functions in a new way or has never been in existence before is the inventive result of innovation. By designing something new, something innovative, the kitchen is no longer based on trends but rather designed based on solving a problem, transforming how a homeowner uses their space, or enhances the longevity of a particular style. The designers at Siematic often look to creating innovation rather than answering trends because it starts with a thoughtful question about how to do something new or better.


Designing Over Time

Siematic has a long history of examining luxury kitchen design through the lens of innovation. The idea of a fully built-in kitchen is standard practice in home design, yet it was not until Siematic's first built-in design, released in 1960, was this even a consideration in kitchens. It is a historical example of how the company uses innovation in their design for homes. From large scale ideas, such as the built-in kitchen, to more detailed and nuanced solutions like the MultiMatic Aluminum interior fitting system, innovation is the foundation of kitchen design. While trends are helpful markers of where style is heading and the collective ideas that homeowners are drawn to, Siematic finds that examining trends are significant but designing from the springboard of innovation creates long-lasting spaces and solutions for modern kitchen needs.