SieMatic UAE Conducted a Training with Karsten Schmalenbach

SieMatic UAE conducted a training with Karsten Schmalenbach who trained the team on the design possibilities, price list and product details of this new brand that has become a part of the entity’s product portfolio.

Founded in Germany, Schmalenbach is a renowned luxury brand exporting tailor made wardrobes and cabinet furniture worldwide. Started in 2004, it has gained popularity in a very short span of time due to its ability to customise furniture based on individual requirements.

More and more people love the idea of creating their cabinetry individually and having it produced in high quality. This custom-built furniture, allows customers to arrange their living, working and public space according to individual wants and needs. The hand-made furniture is manufactured according to the required dimension, material and surface requirements. The bespoke wardrobes include interesting details such as tie and belt pull out, mirror pull out or drawers with integrated jewelry inserts.