Kitchen Design Collections

It is now possible to design elegant and timeless kitchens with SieMatic Kitchen Style Collections. URBAN, PURE, and CLASSIC allow each space to be customised to your individuality and lifestyle. All of our kitchens are designed and manufactured in Germany as per best production practices and latest interior design trends.



The SieMatic PURE style collection opens up many creative choices with its graceful and modest language of form. The furniture elements from this style collection places the attention on what really counts - the everlasting values of the exquisite materials and the precision of their workmanship. Discover.




Each object is carefully selected and juxtaposed making it very unconventional. This is why the SieMatic style collection URBAN is very distinctive. Every element of the design tells a story with its aesthetics, values and contrasts which shapes the overall personality of the kitchen. Discover.




There are endless possibilities when it comes to the SieMatic CLASSIC collection. The furniture concepts go beyond the traditional kitchen design. SieMatic has brought to you this style and room concepts in collaboration with illustrious international designers. Discover.


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Complimentary Design Consultation


We can plan a kitchen that exactly meets your expectations. With our creative kitchen planning we offer you a complete interior design guidance that includes ceiling, walls, floors and lighting. We want to make things easy for you by helping you plan your dream kitchen. Simply click the button below or talk to one of our kitchen design experts by calling +971 4 358 2256. You may also reach us through WhatsApp: +971 55 256 7213.

Our Services

Our consultants and talented designers have many years of experience in designing dream kitchens for end clients. We always try to make the process of designing a high end kitchen simple and hassle free. A SieMatic kitchen can be adapted to your needs and preferences making it a perfect choice for those who are looking for a company that will handle it all from A-Z.

Kitchen Brochures

Have a look at the e-brochures of our three style collections PURE, URBAN and CLASSIC to learn more about SieMatic’s products. The brochures include tips, design ideas, suggestions, interior accessories and details about our cabinetry. You may download the brochure or even place an order for a high-quality hard copy, which will be delivered to your home.