SieMatic PURE is efficient and minimal. A room can be an island: an oasis of peace and ease in which you can shed the hectic demands of everyday life. Generously designed forms, sensitively selected colours, and the avoidance of anything that is all too decorative create an atmosphere of soothing balance. Elementary simplicity that is understood the same way around the world. Relaxation with an inspirational effect. 

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Purist Kitchen Design

PURE Style Collection in Dubai - SieMatic UAE


Under the PURE Style Collection, SieMatic has introduced a cost effective series, SLC. This range comes in laminate and lacquered finishes and features all the standard SieMatic colours. This range can be used for commercial projects or kitchens with tighter budgets. It has a modern design and a unique character. The design features a thin 2cm frame around  the furniture providing a further highlight. The SLC range has been developed in collaboration with the Berlin design team KINZO.

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The concept of the SLC range from SieMatic’s PURE style collection is an interplay of cubes and voids, invariably on display including sideboards and shelves. In this particular design, interior design and product design have merged together to create a unique form. We have integrated furniture into the architecture and that has resulted in a space that reflects timelessness and weightlessness. The shelf and wall units are recessed into the wall which is cladded with an elegant stone till the ceiling.

The SieMatic Pure
Kitchen Collection

The forms and elements in each design have a relaxing and inspirational effect. The colors and material are carefully selected for each kitchen design to avoid imbalance. The designs are pure and simplistic which reflects calmness and serenity in the atmosphere. Please click on the images to view the details of each design.


SLX Linear



SLX Gold Bronze


                         Pink Velvet Matt




S2 Lotus White

SE Smoked Oak


SE Graphite Grey



S2 Umbra



SE 3003R Bronze Gold



SE Floating Spaces



S2 SE Sterling Grey Walnut



S2 Graphite Grey



SE 3003R Umbra Matte



SE 3003R Black Matte



S2 Black & White


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Have a look at the e-brochures of our three style collections PURE, URBAN and CLASSIC to learn more about SieMatic’s products. The brochures include tips, design ideas, suggestions, interior accessories and details about our cabinetry. You may download the brochure or even place an order for a high-quality hard copy, which will be delivered to your home. 

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