SieMatic CLASSIC goes with the times. To live classically, one has to be a traditionalist. Whether it is clothing, car, music, or furniture, classic fans around the world are united by their enthusiasm for craftsmanship and authenticity, for true values and timeless elegance.  Originality is sought after just as much as original pieces. Those who move in different cultural circles find that classic is in the process of developing into a new and versatile style of life – and most particularly in interior design. It may be characterised by worldly elegance or minimalism, opulence or restraint. It may be conscious of tradition, or it may transcend all boundaries. No matter what, it is more individual than ever before – and is therefore experiencing an impressive renaissance.

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Never Has Classic Been So Current

Take inspirations from the variations of SieMatic CLASSIC kitchen designs. Create a completely different look by combining traditional and contemporary design.

Modern and traditional kitchen



A fusion of alternative and unorthodox juxtaposing elements - modern and traditional, decorative and minimalistic, glossy and matt, delicate and heavy. There is a graceful shimmer in the surroundings while making sure that the cooking area is highlighted.

Classical interior design concept



Crisp contrasts between the door front and the facetted frames, and keeping the symmetry in the furniture arrangements are the basis of the classical interior design concept from SieMatic. It gives a new form to the traditional kitchen with a modern spin by featuring bold elements like matt black tones from the standard SieMatic Individual Colorsystem.

The SieMatic Classic
Kitchen Designs

Come and explore the range of SieMatic CLASSIC kitchen designs. The brand will definitely impress you with the newest features available on the market while introducing the combination of modern and traditional design. Please click on the images to view the details of each kitchen design.


Graphite Grey & Pulpis Quartz



Metallic Dark Contrast



Beaux Art Interpretation



SE & S2 Lotus White



S2 Lotus White



S2 & Beaux Art White


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In line with our holistic room concept, we attach great importance to a comprehensive range of services from beginning to the end. Our consultants and designers are experienced planners, German kitchen specialists, who are at you disposal with know-how and plenty of flexibility for your wishes, even for extraordinary projects.

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Have a look at the soft copy of our three style collections PURE, URBAN and CLASSIC to learn more about SieMatic’s products. The brochure includes many things including tips, suggestions and interior accessories with details about our cabinetry. You may download the brochure or even place an order for a high-quality hard copy, which will be delivered to your home.

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