True personality does not submit to any norm. The expressive design of SieMatic Mondial speaks a minimalist, modern and geometric language of form without traditional ornamentation and stylistics. With bold colours and shapes, paired with expressive materials and material thicknesses, it transcends the boundaries of kitchen design. Open up to an emotional world of opulence, simplicity and sensuality.

Opulence, newly interpreted

Mondial combines the simplicity of geometric shapes with the opulence of expressive materials to create a deeply emotional experience.



Exquisite materials and the consummate art of their finishing make every detail of the SieMatic Mondial sensually tangible, while the refined formal reduction of its design demonstrates sublimity and relevance. In this expressive aesthetic, far removed from ornamentation, a unique place is created, completely in harmony with its surroundings.



Rarely have precious natural stones and exquisite natural woods been so expressively integrated into the architectural staging of a kitchen. The combination of rectilinear geometry with semicircles and a finely balanced balance of filigree with solid elements reveals a sculptural quality of extraordinary presence and highest value.

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