Redefining Luxury Kitchen Design Aesthetics


Kitchens today come in all shapes, sizes and configurations. From the heart of the home, to family gathering spaces to sleek, spare high tech single-wall designs that fade into the background when not in use. Fully-equipped outdoor kitchens have also come into their own in recent years, adding more living and entertaining space to upscale homes in locations where outdoor living is as important as interior elegance.

Kitchens not only serve the functional needs of those who use them, but also reflect owners' individuality and personality, adding subtle dimension not only to the food but to the lifestyle as well. Creating a kitchen that "works" involves more than simply choosing the proper appliances or cabinets.

Siematic UAE has been in the business of developing exemplary kitchens for more than 80 years. It was the first to introduce the concept of the ‘fully built-in kitchen’ in 1960. Truly international in appeal, Siematic's three luxury kitchen design directions epitomize the company's overriding philosophy that each kitchen space must speak a language all its own, not only words of utility and performance, but also of beauty and inspiration.


Zen philosophy meets kitchen to produce a space in total harmony with its surroundings, a space that demands nothing and offers an ‘oasis of peace.’ There are no discordant elements in the Siematic Pure style collection. It is rather an expression of possibility.

Colours and shapes are equally soothing. Convenience and performance are prime drivers, simplicity is the rule and the concept of balance is paramount. ‘Pure’ caters to individuality, focusing on human needs rather than form. It allows for great personal expression.


Full of zest and new experiences, alive and colourful, social and unique, urban lifestyle enthusiasts the world over will respond to the principles incorporated into a kitchen with this new urban theme. It is packed with innovative ideas, full of contrasts, and wonderfully attuned to the spontaneity and creativity of urban inhabitants.

With room for multiple cooks and multiple guests, this is also the kind of space where a single person could whip up a quick latte with no trouble at all. In short, it offers a world of possibilities.


The classic kitchen may speak to the soul of the cook, but the style can be expressed in contemporary ways. Authenticity and craftsmanship, a respect for natural materials, and a timeless elegance that is open to expression in a thousand different ways are the hallmarks of this design direction.

Honoured cultural traditions are woven into the fabric of modern life, allowing a kitchen to complement and enrich that life in a unique and individual manner.

These three luxury kitchen design directions were introduced by Siematic at various shows and exhibitions in 2014 and 2015, generating resounding approval from designers and end users. New products keep pace with current trends worldwide, but Siematic is acknowledged as an innovative market leader, as much for its design philosophy as for its kitchen cabinets and functional accessories.

The company was awarded the German Brand Award 2016 in Gold, recognizing these three luxury kitchen design concepts: Bold, Urban and Classic.

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