The Basics of Luxury Kitchen Designs | Siematic UAE


There are kitchens and then there are luxury kitchens. If you’re looking to learn more about the latter, then look no further. It’s not just about the essentials but about setting a standard, portraying an image and perfecting ease and efficiency. Here are the cardinal rules to drawing up a luxury kitchen design set by us at SieMatic UAE.

Know Your Kitchen

When building your dreams, your dream luxury kitchen, it is necessary that you are specific and know exactly what it is you desire. Throwing ideas around and expecting a fully functional and luxurious kitchen can lead to an unstructured mess. This would require you to do a little researching of your own. Consider designs and styles that suit your identity.

Free Movement

You may have heard of the Kitchen Triangle. The trinity of the stove, the sink and the refrigerator. It is important that you keep these three basic elements of a kitchen in areas that are easy to reach and involve minimal obstruction. Kitchen islands too are known for blocking pathways however they make up for it by offering extra surface and storage space which brings us to our next point.

Stocked and stored

A kitchen always has a certain amount of storage space but what it needs is useful and efficient storage space. From concealable waste disposal that also has recycling options, to having cupboards and shelves installed at key locations. Good and effective storage allows you to stay in the kitchen without having to leave to get supplies and/or utensils that couldn’t be stored in the kitchen. Some types of storage also include ventilation and are easy to reach for cleaning purposes.

Always visible

Lighting isn’t a topic many consider when setting up a kitchen. It’s usually a given that there will be some single source of light and that’s about it. However, with luxury kitchens, lighting is not just needed for practical purposes but as elements of design and atmosphere. A good scheme will not only include light from artificial sources but naturally as well. Well-placed windows, strategic pendant lights or stationary lamps that are accurately aimed at various sections of the kitchen. All of these options give your kitchen, not just good lighting but a good mood as well.

Breathable aromas

A kitchen without ventilation is a terrible idea and quite dangerous but there are plenty of kitchens out there that just do not have adequate ventilation. Even the most luxuriously designed kitchens can lose their flavour if they are stained with pungent odours and feel stuffy. It isn’t just about letting air out but to allow fresh air to blow in. A good ventilation system comprises of windows and strategically placed exhaust fans that suck out all unwanted gases, smoke and allow the kitchen to breath.

Professional professionals

Taking on building a luxury kitchen design to save yourself time and money may actually end up costing you more time and money if it isn’t all handled properly. Professional designers have experience and know when and where to expect delays, problems and costs. At SieMatic, we do not simply offer you the good to build your dream luxury kitchen designs, we also have the resources and knowledge necessary to help you implement the best practices and procedures. So there you have it, the basics of drawing up luxury kitchen designs. Follow these tips and you’re sure to have that dream luxury kitchen sooner than you expected.

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