Building the Future: SieMatic's Eco-Friendly Kitchens Redefine Home Luxury

It’s an age where concern for the environment weighs heavily on the global conscience. Around the world, consumers are questioning the environmental cost of their actions, and shifting towards more sustainable behaviors. 

At SieMatic, we recognize the need to adapt to this changing world and inspire change. After decades of innovation, pain-staking research, and experimentation, we’ve found the perfect middle ground between luxury and sustainability
As you embark on this journey with us, discover how SieMatic creates eco-friendly living spaces that are as welcoming to its owners as it is kind towards the earth. 


A circular approach
A fundamental part of sustainability is reducing waste, and disposing of it safely. At SieMatic, we use advanced environmental management systems to ensure minimal waste and extract as much material as possible. 
As far as possible, we reuse our materials and use a circular approach. All our wood by-products are recycled or converted into energy, which is used to fuel our on-site heating plant. This ensures that we do more with less raw material, minimize waste, and the environmental impact of our actions. 
Prioritizing Low Energy Consumption
Even as the world struggles to keep up with rising energy demands, SieMatic takes an innovative approach with our low-energy ethos. The trees growing on our site absorb the CO2 emitted from burning the recycled wood. 
A SieMatic kitchen also comes with a compressed air system, marking a paradigm shift in production efficiency. By working with lower air pressure, these kitchens use lesser energy without compromising on performance. The result? Lower utility costs, fewer emissions, and high-end performance. 



Avoiding Harmful Materials

At SieMatic, we recognize the importance of using the right materials. All our kitchens and products come fitted with materials that have a minimal environmental impact. 
Given its harmful impact on the environment, we aim to minimize or eliminate the use of styrene in our kitchens. For several years, we’ve championed the use of water-based lacquer on wood-front doors, ensuring that they remain predominantly styrene-free. 
SieMatic also robustly opposes the use of PVCs in its kitchens. This means that we’ve eschewed the use of foil-fronted kitchens, despite its elegant finish and popularity. Finally, every cleaning agent that’s used in the production process has been meticulously tested to ensure that they’re free of VOC (volatile organic compound) solvents, which has a high carbon footprint and contributes to air pollution. 
Luxury Kitchens, Minimal Emissions 
There’s a common notion that sustainability and luxury do not go hand in hand. At SieMatic, we seek to challenge this belief. Through our dedication towards the planet, we aim to revolutionize modern kitchen design. Whether through waste-management, energy conservation, or material choices, we walk the talk. 
For the homeowner, a SieMatic kitchen isn’t just a place to prepare meals, but a reflection of their values. As the lines between luxury and sustainable design blurs, SieMatic hopes to usher in a future where every home glimmers with a beauty that signifies a profound respect for the planet we share. 



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