Designing a Bespoke Tea and Coffee Station in Your Kitchen

Imagine a special spot in your home where you have your favourite roasts and brews on hand. The aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans, the familiar sounds of an espresso machine, and the steam emitting from an early morning cup of caffeine can certainly brighten up your day.

A customised coffee station is a great idea to enjoy a good brew at home. With luxury German designs expertly crafted by SieMatic, a café styled bar can charm your family and guests. We offer ideas that can be incorporated into the design plan of a classic coffee time setting. 


Caffeine Station 

Along with our skilled kitchen designers, we work around your kitchen spaces to find a perfect spot to build an elegant coffee station. For placing all the essentials in the right place, our versatile custom cabinets are a convenient solution that can provide better organisation and prevent clutter. 

Moreover, our drawers with concealed pocket slides, pullouts with push mechanism are incorporated to ensure smooth functionality while showcasing a sleek line up of cutlery, ceramics and beverage boxes.  

Customised coffee bars are becoming popular in luxury homes. Use the below tips to brew the perfect espresso at your own leisure.

Espresso Essentials

• Tool Sets - For better control, stainless milk pitchers, tampers, high-quality coffee cups, frothers and scoops are a must-have.

• Espresso Machine - Brewing with an espresso machine at home according to a desired taste or consistency can be worth an experience.

• Airscape Canisters - Preserve the flavour from bean to cup using Airscape canisters. These come with a specially designed lid that removes air from inside the canister rather than traditional airtight packaging.

Handmade Signboards

To experience a real cafe culture, add cursive blackboard menus, wood letters, and artistic wall posters to fill spaces between equipments. Placing hand-painted quotes at the centre of your beverage station generates positivity around the kitchen.  

Seasonal entertainment is another excellent option to enhance the setting of your coffee station. Add festive pops of colour with bonus treats like cookies, appetizers, oriental candy, hot chocolate and syrups. 

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