Emerging Kitchen Trends from Salone del Mobile 2022

The highly anticipated Milan Design Week welcomed visitors from around the world to visit a plethora of exhibitions at the forefront of design. Trends from Salone del Mobile 2022 are set to define and influence homes of the future. Here is a look at the emerging kitchen trends and how SieMatic can help you achieve the look, with the brand’s  Monte Santo showroom in Milan presenting a captivating journey into the world of Mondial style.

With a sustainability theme at this edition of Salone del Mobile, one of the prominent trends is the use of natural materials in the home. The kitchen is a great way to include natural stone in the countertops and islands. The trending stone designs have rich grains and deep veins. For statement cabinetry, stone doors can be featured as an extension of kitchen islands. Cabinets with LED lighting features and translucent glass are also popular looks for the kitchen. 


Thick countertops that are over 10 cm wide create opulent islands for the kitchen’s centrepiece. Softening edges with curves and rounded shapes is a macro trend spotted at Salone del Mobile. This can be applied to kitchen islands or countertops, creating a welcoming and social space. 


Designing multifunctional spaces in the home is paramount in 2022. These multifunctional pieces can make way for transitional spaces, with hidden bars and pocket doors revealing coffee stations. Likewise, hidden panels for pantry goods are a clever way to discreetly expand the storage in your home. Cabinets are being designed as an accent for the kitchen, without dominating the room. This allows designers to play with proportions and find creative ways to offer more space, like sideboards that include a hidden desk in open living spaces.


Panels are a key design trend across all spaces of the home, including the kitchen. This defining look can be created with decorative wooden slats or fabrics and incorporated as a statement design on the door, a feature wall, or a backsplash for exposed shelves

Kitchens donned in pastel colours are back in fashion. Adding a pop of colour brings life to this space, whether it's with panel features or colourful cabinetry. We’re seeing a shift away from the safety of neutral colours moving towards dark blues, burgundy, green, and pinks instead. This is a great way for self-expression in the kitchen and to set the mood of the room.


To cater to the emerging trends and shifting styles, SieMatic presents Mondial style, a visual design language that mixes the simplicity of geometric forms with the opulence of expressive materials. This is SieMatics iteration of the future of luxury kitchens, with a style that is designed to appeal to all the senses at once, with an interplay of material, form, and colour that blends seamlessly with the surrounding architecture.


“Kitchens today are far more than the heart of the home: they are expressions of personality. With PURE, URBAN, and CLASSIC style, tailored to different customer needs and preferences, SieMatic has long been used to provide individual solutions,” explains Daniel Griehl, CEO SieMatic. “Now a new architectural style is taking hold worldwide, minimalist yet sophisticated, opulent yet not traditional. Staying true to our principle of focusing on the clientele at all times, SieMatic has been motivated by this development to create a new style world MONDIAL, our holistic answer to the wishes and requirements of our global clientele.”


Our showroom in Porta Nuova in central Milan marks the international premiere of SieMatic’s innovative products and design concepts. A skilled designer takes visitors on an immersive brand experience to discover stylistic elements and materials, creating a vision of all the possibilities of what a premium kitchen can be.

SieMatic brings German craftsmanship and luxury to homes in the UAE. We are dedicated to providing service excellence and have a team of talented designers ready to bring your dream kitchen to life. You’re invited to visit our showrooms to see our premium showcases first-hand. Alternatively, you can browse our kitchen collection online


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