Exclusive Kitchen Design Trends to Inspire You in 2023

Kitchens are being refreshed in 2023 with inspiring designs and modern reinterpretations of luxury. In this article, we explore the exclusive innovations and design movements taking place in the kitchen design space.

“The key kitchen trend for 2023 will be metal doors for the luxury segment,” says Volker Betsch, Export Director at SieMatic. This design trend offers both style and practicality. It is easy to clean, durable, and emulates the look of a professional kitchen within the home. 

SieMatic offers a wide range of materials to use in the kitchen, including a range of aluminium doors that complements this trend. These are available in a range of metallic accents from cooler tones to warmer hues. The finishes of the metal can also be customised with a titan, satin, or bronze look. 

“Stone for worktops and ceramic doors will be another important trend,” notes Betsch. SieMatic has a diverse selection of stones and ceramics in its portfolio. Stone is derived from nature to ground the kitchen, while ceramic offers a sleek and sophisticated touch. 


To achieve this style in the home, explore the Mondial kitchen. It is designed to be a unique space inspired by the highest international standards of luxury. When exploring the range and customising it, you’ll see your personality reflected in the heart of the home. 

The SieMatic showroom showcases this and other styles including Pure, Urban, and Classic in a product world where you can see and experience these kitchen trends firsthand. Join us for a coffee as you explore our lifestyle collection and find inspiration in the look of our premium kitchens and the touch of samples.


Mr Betsch explains "SieMatic has been and is a trendsetter in the luxury kitchen industry. Innovations like the first recess kitchen in 1960, the first lacquered kitchen in the 1980s, and recently our SLX as a new design concept for the home.”

SieMatic’s SLX Pure kitchen captures the senses with the feel of luxury, aura of weightless design, and pioneering lighting. This style redefines the handle-free kitchen with timeless simplicity in a meeting of light and lines. This unique symbiosis creates a 3D effect that emphasises its well-balanced proportions.


The SLX kitchen features a generous size with tinted glass surfaces and sophisticated lighting. This interplay creates the impression of elegant transparency that pays tribute to the best in modern kitchen design. Purity is achieved through refined simplicity, material selections, and invisible functional features. 

Moving into 2023, SieMatic will continue to strive towards introducing new ideas and concepts in the global luxury market. There are three key elements encapsulated in this, which include integrating technology, unique materials, and sustainability in the kitchen. Each of these aspects will become a staple in the future of kitchen design, with many exciting developments in the works. 

SieMatic is dedicated to providing luxury kitchens to homes across the UAE. The brand has established itself as a leader in kitchen designs. SieMatic services include style advice, conceptual design services, and demonstrations. Our complimentary design consultation helps you plan your dream kitchen with all-inclusive steps to bring your vision to life. 

For more inspiring kitchen designs, watch Design Tales with Mr Volker Betsch, Export Director at SieMatic. 


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