Functional  Shelves and Stylish Counters for your Beverage Corner

There are ample choices to elevate your coffee station with our rich modern paint palette ranging from dark walnut to soft pastels. For a contemporary look, floating shelves installed slightly above the cabinets offer precise storage and quick access while adding elegance to the space.

Our excellent shelving options provide optimum spaces for coffee and tea supplies. SieMatic offers built-in shelving styles in customised sizes according to your preference. Exquisite elements such as fine woods, aluminium or porcelain can add an aesthetic ambience. You can also add personal frames, trinkets, books or painted flowers plants for a creative touch. 


Stylish Counter Stools 

Make your beverage corner a daily destination with comfortable seating, for a relaxing ambience in an otherwise occupied area. Whether it is a dramatic lounge vibe or a soothing environment, for your modern kitchen design, counter stools with ergonomic padding features can create a perfect space for the whole family.

Storage Cooler

Sometimes, an ice-cold caffeine boost is an absolute necessity. In that case, our kitchen design consultation team can guide you to locate a convenient space to install a storage cooler close to your bar or pantry. High performing coolers in stainless steel will seamlessly blend with the elegant interior of SieMatic.

Uncluttered Serving Cart

Embellish your beverage corner with a well-designed serving cart. It could stock different flavoured beverage accompaniments and sweet treats along with serving dishes that can be transported from one destination to another easily.


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