Kitchen Flooring

Kitchens are not only about sleek cabinet designs, sophisticated ceilings, and sturdy marble surfaces. They are also about flooring, which allows you to work and entertain seamlessly whilst being easy to clean and durable to maintain. 

To make your kitchen comfortable and functional, it is crucial to incorporate flooring that would add elegance. SieMatic offers premium flooring solutions, which can allow your kitchen to transition from a well put together space to a sophisticated model that matches your personality and vision. 

Today, our advanced manufacturing processes have developed varying styles for flooring, which can mimic both natural and human-made materials to capture a seamless interplay of colours.

A popular choice is our expertly engineered wood flooring. The hyper-realistic grainy patterns incorporated into this material can simulate a beautiful result similar to hardwood, tile, or natural stone. Likewise, laminate is another synthetic flooring that is a timeless favourite. With fibre board underneath, the finished product looks incredibly realistic thanks to the print technology of our suppliers at Kährs, that helps replicate any type of warm earthy wooden design aesthetic.

We all know that a kitchen transforms a house into a home. It is where you spend time perfecting meals for an intimate event, organizing family gatherings, or relaxing whilst having a quick cup of coffee in the morning.

Whether your luxury kitchen style is traditional or contemporary, it should be one of your much loved, beautifully designed spaces. We offer complimentary kitchen design consultation. Get in touch with us and to find the perfect palette for your kitchen that reflects your design ethos.


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