Hues and Views: Set the Mood with SieMatic

Often, emotional reactions are amplified by our visual interaction with colours. Bright colour combinations can add vibrancy and cheer to an area while muted colours create a sense of calm.

It’s important that the colours you choose are not overwhelming, but at the same time, don’t make the space look dull. To help you achieve a perfect balance across the colour palette for your kitchen, SieMatic has some tips and tricks. Read on to find out more:


Clear Lighting 

Warm and cool lighting can create moods. Lighting fixtures also offer the opportunity to create a wow statement look. Each functional space needs to have lighting. You cannot have a spotlight in the prep area that leaves the cooking area in the dark.  

Our kitchen designers at SieMatic provide meticulous attention to three types of lighting fixtures: Ambient, Task, and Accent. As the primary lighting source, Ambient reaches out to several areas: Pendant light bulbs, recessed lighting, chandeliers, and fixed flush mounts can provide comfortable levels of radiance. Task lends better visibility for storage cupboards and work surfaces. You can prepare meals against a glowing strip of backsplash installed under kitchen cabinets to maintain a relaxed atmosphere. Accent as the name indicates provides that extra spotlight.

Deep Rich Tones

Despite the classic crisp white premium kitchen designs that take centre stage, there's a growing trend for bold rich chocolate to midnight tones. Deep colours also help an extra-large kitchen look warm and inviting. 

If your kitchen cabinets or centre island is inky-black, the appliances can use a soft gradation to counteract this dreamy dark approach. Choose from our elegant marbled surfaces, industrial accents, flat cut silver hoods, gold drawer knobs, pale wooden floors, or shiny matt textures.

Golden Metallic Accents

The use of brass and gold accents has been gaining popularity as it adds a glamorous touch to space. Geometric light fixtures, faucets, bar stools, kitchen cabinets, shelving highlights, and even sinks with a touch of matt or high-shine metallic, add an element of chic sophistication. 

If your kitchen is painted in pastels or smoky charcoal tones, brushed gold detailing can stand out in and set a luxurious mood.However, excessive additions should be avoided.

We offer complimentary kitchen design consultations. Get in touch with us and to find the perfect palette for your kitchen that reflects your design ethos.


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