Introducing SieMatic's Brand New Mondial Luxury Kitchen

In the last few years, the perception of luxury has undergone a fundamental shift. Rather than looking at status symbols, customers are focusing on who they want to be. To reach this genre of consumers, brands need to create emotive connections and facilitate self-expression. Daniel Griehl, CEO SieMatic explains “Kitchens today are far more than the heart of the home: they are expressions of personality.” Brands need to align their values with their customers to cultivate authentic relationships.

Introducing Mondial style by SieMatic 

SieMatic is inspired by the evolution of luxury.  The Mondial style, a contemporary and luxurious kitchen concept caters to the highest possible degree of individuality. It is innately visual and designed to appeal to all the senses at once by combining the simplicity of geometric forms with the opulence of expressive materials. This fascinating interplay of material, form and colour creates kitchens that seamlessly blend in with the surrounding architecture.

The bold style of Mondial is made up of minimalist colours. It evokes an inviting setting, with harmonious geometric shapes combining delicate and monumental details. Limestone islands are met by floor-to-ceiling oak wooden cabinets. Customisation options are endless, with 1,950 shades in SieMatic’s Individual Colour System. The cabinets are designed to offer maximum storage without stealing the show from the rest of the kitchen design. 

Mondial’s style comes together in a sophisticated combination of materials, colours, and contrasts. This contemporary take on modern luxury is also skilfully proportioned to offer depth for shifting volumes in the kitchen. Solid structures made with distinctive materials and statement islands create stunning kitchens that are completely customisable, from lighting interplays to the use of mirrors and translucent elements. 

SieMatic at Salone del Mobile 2022

SieMatic proudly showcased Mondial at the Milano Design Week 2022. Our participation in this renowned exhibition provided us with a global stage to share innovative design concepts and products. As André Backemeier, SieMatic Creative Director says, “Milan is famous around the globe as a centre for fashion and design, and the Salone del Mobile is the fitting platform for a live reunion.” 

The Siematic showroom in the UAE

To experience the emotive world of SieMatic’s styles for yourself, visit our Dubai AGL Experience centre. In this creative atmosphere, visitors can explore the Mondial style and uncover their stylistic preferences and design requirements.

Design your Mondial Kitchen 

Learn about the future of luxury with SieMatic, and find inspiration in our premium kitchens. Visit our showroom or view our collections. Our designers are ready to help you explore and bring your dream kitchen to fruition.


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