Introducing SieMatic’s New Colour Range 

SieMatic is renowned in the world of kitchen design, offering clients high-end customisation options. This enables you to reflect your personal style and influence the kitchen’s look and feel. With all-new additions to the already expansive assortment of colours, there are now even more options to ensure you get the exact shade you desire.

The colour of the kitchen goes hand-in-hand with the material selection. The space will also influence the colour selection, as certain hues have the ability to alter the depth of the room. Both of these factors are significant design components in kitchen interiors. 

The colour palette you decide upon evokes the mood of the space, whether you opt for something bold or a neutral shade on the lighter or darker spectrum. Once you have a colour in mind, it is also important to consider the tonality, as this will affect whether your kitchen is warm- or cool-toned. This influences the accent colours and accessories within the kitchen, from the door knobs to the countertops, for a cohesive look. 

To create a unique and well-balanced kitchen, you need a wide range of colour selections. The SieMatic ColourSystem was created for this very purpose. The variety of shades is designed for nuanced combinations with sensitive finishes to match, ranging from matte to glossy and SQ lacquer. The ColourSystem offers over 1,950 hues. 


The latest addition of colours offers a variety of options that will make any kitchen stand out. For those who like the natural aesthetic, there are five wood tones which reflect natural grains across the colour ways that extend from light to dark with an authentic finish. The colour specifications of these new shades on the wooden spectrum are Flamed Travertine Oak, Flamed Teak, Flamed Rosewood, Flamed Walnut dark, and Flamed Nutmeg Oak. 

For a deeper tone, we have included two new grey and green shades. This includes Oyster grey and Jade Grey which pairs perfectly with White Fantasy. The green additions include Caviar Green and Quarzite Green, which works particularly well with Tauren Green. These lift and complement the design without being overtly bright and bold. Instead, it creates a subtle yet elevated look, whether you want just a hint of colour on the greyscale or a deeper dash with natural greens. 

Three new metallic matte shades have been added to the ColourSystem too, namely Aluminium Velvet Matt, Titanium Velvet Matt, and Bronze Velvet Matt. These colours have an elegant velvet finish combined with the  polished look of precious metals.

When you’re designing the kitchen of your dreams, it is important to showcase your personality in the design choices. There are many ways to customise your kitchen with SieMatic for a truly unique design. Each element is carefully selected and paired together, from the cabinets to the drawers and countertops.

Our team of in-house specialists are here to guide you every step of the way. You can book a complimentary design consultation to begin the process of planning a kitchen that fulfils all your wishes. We offer complete interior design guidance that ensures your new kitchen suits your home. 

Transform your kitchen with a niche colour palette that reflects your personality and style. Explore our new colour range and be inspired by the possibilities with SieMatic. 


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