MultiMatic Key Insights on SieMatic's Patented Storage System

Complement stylish kitchen decor with innovative organisation options. The SieMatic storage system, MultiMatic, is an award-winning solution that creates space for both creativity and storage. Make the most of your kitchen, with room for everything with MultiMatic,  an award-winning modular storage system. These interior fittings for SieMatic kitchen units are highly flexible systems that can be configured, changed and expanded to adapt to your evolving needs. 

MutliMatic designs make use of slender metal bars that provide secure storage for all your kitchen needs from cutlery and crockery to ingredients and appliances.

The MultiMatic kitchen storage accessories and design include:

  • Hanging rails to maximise space.Smart storage for all kinds of items, from bottles to boards and silverware
  • Open shelves optimise storage that is suited to modern displays. These shelves can be decorated with appliances or porcelain storage jars or wooden boxes to store your ingredients efficiently
  • Doors and cabinets can be fitted with the patented multifunctional tracking which is both practical and elegant. The multifunctional track allows for infinite adjustments to be made with ease and makes room for up to 30% more storage space
  • Drawers and pullouts with sleek aesthetic form and improved functionality

MultiMatic by SieMatic offers complete freedom. Clients can tailor this patented technology to suit their needs. By allowing this cutting-edge design to feature behind your kitchen’s closed doors, you’ll have functional drawers and accessories that interplay with flexibility and conscious design used at your peril. 

The materials can also be customised. No matter which style your kitchen, the internal organisation can seamlessly match that of the rest of your kitchen to create a beautifully harmonious look. 

There are various shades of laminate to ensure that your kitchen interior reflects your style. 
Aluminium, wood, and laminate wood systems are available, each with distinctive design appeal and qualities. With this, you can keep everything in order, using a sleek solution that is built into the very essence of your kitchen. 

Showcasing materials from nature inside the home creates natural appeal and a timeless aesthetic. Wooden kitchen details have a sophisticated look and feel with filigree details that emphasise the artisanal quality and mellow appearance of the drawer systems. 

Aluminium kitchens are renowned for their design appeal and durability, making it the material of choice for professional kitchens around the world. These kitchens feature completely customisable elements that can be changed whenever required.

Every SieMatic kitchen is uniquely designed. With the client’s needs and preferences taking precedence, the designs and innovations by SieMatic are tailored to create custom kitchens. 
As Ulrich W. Siekmann, CEO of SieMatic explains "Our SieMatic designs inspire our customers to create their own custom kitchens with the help of our designers, who will respond to each request with precise detail, no matter which style you choose. Visit us and discover which range suits your personal preference: Pure, Urban, Classic or Mondial.”

Kitchen storage and organisation are a necessity. Don’t let it be an afterthought.

Design a fully functional kitchen that can change with your needs with SieMatic. Incorporate the award-winning MutliMatic technology to enhance your kitchen from within. 


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