SieMatic Mondial The Perfect Symbiosis of Space and Kitchen

Mondial is SieMatic’s latest addition to its collection of kitchen styles. It represents reimagined opulence and an expressive design in a perfect symbiosis of space and kitchen. Discover how this all-new combination of aesthetics, geometry, and natural finishes stand out as a core style in the SieMatic range alongside Pure, Urban and Classic. 

Mondial style can be defined as:

A new opulence. A new simplicity. A new world.

Aesthetic modernity 
Mondial is the epitome of minimalistic contemporary design. It is an emotive and expressive aesthetic created with a combination of simplicity and sensuality. It encapsulates an intriguing interplay of colour, form, and material. 

These modern kitchens feature bold use of colours, shapes, and materials to transcend the conventional constraints of what a kitchen can be. This visionary design sensibility sets Mondial apart.

Clients have a choice between a selection of elegant lacquer colours for a timeless design. The colours are co-ordinated stylistically and illuminate the natural materials of the design. 

Unique geometric features
Geometric language is a defining feature of the Mondial style. It does not speak to traditional ornamentation or stylistics. Instead, it redefines the beauty of pure form and function. 

Rectilinear geometry and finely balanced filigrees of solid elements create a sculptural quality of high value and extraordinary presence in the Mondial kitchen. This is a style that plays with volumes and proportions in a captivating and mystifying way. The definitive angles and frames create an interesting contrast of light and shadow, creating an expansive kitchen space. 

Mondial works harmoniously with the surrounding architecture. The exquisite materials are refined in design to showcase every detail of the finishes.

Natural stone finishes
Mondial kitchens present a newly envisioned kitchen concept that combines extravagant natural materials for a visual and tactile experience. These kitchens celebrate craftsmanship alongside authentic materials. 

Precious natural stones and woods are integrated into the Mondial kitchen designs in a pursuit of perfection. Some of the natural stone choices for your countertop and islands include limestone and marbled high-quality quartzite to create an opulent feel of elegance. 

Creating the ultimate kitchen begins with a style that speaks to you. Everything from the layout to the materials, colours, worktops, and equipment is carefully considered according to needs and preferences. 

Explore the full Mondial range and world of possibility with SieMatic, a brand that creates space for creativity. 

Begin planning your kitchen with SieMatic online. You’ll be quizzed about your ideas and requirements and guided to a relevant appointment with a designer at your local studio. 

Alternatively, you can visit the Al Gurg Living Experience Centre in Dubai, where you can view SieMatic’s styles first-hand. Be inspired by cutting-edge design and an array of preferences to curate your dream kitchen.


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