SieMatic is globally renowned for crafting luxuriously bespoke German kitchens

Picking the perfect material for your premium kitchen begins with high-quality workmanship. Materials play an important role in both the design and style. Each material section conveys a different feeling and brings a set of characteristics and charms to the space.

The appearance and nature of cabinetry are primary features of any kitchen. While colour is one aspect, the actual structure of the materials also plays a role in its longevity and the look and feel. The material lends to the design and it can emphasise or contrast with other elements of the space. SieMatic’s range of high-quality cabinet door panels are varied in terms of material, colour, and finishes. They source the best materials and refine them to suit your kitchen space. 

One of the best ways to transform and upgrade your kitchen design is by changing the cabinets. SieMatic's cabinet door panels are designed for bespoke kitchens, with a range of material and styling options to choose from. 

Let’s have a look at the latest materials and finishes for SieMatic cabinetry.


High-Pressure Laminate Cabinets 

Cabinet door panels are made using layered material, with a seamless laser edge that provides a simpler alternative to lacquer. These finishes are available in an array of designs and colours, providing highly durable, easy to care for and hygienic kitchen cabinets. SieMatic’s high-pressure cabinet panels are also very resistant and have a flawless, high-quality appearance with a range of effects. 

High-pressure laminate surfaces are available in 4 metallic colours: platinum, champagne, rose gold, and gold bronze. Real aluminium and protective transparent filming is applied to enhance the surface.


Surround yourself with a touch of nature through wooden cabinets. Wood evokes a sense of warmth and makes kitchens feel cosy. The marker of great wooden materials is quality craftsmanship, from the grain of the wood to the way it is treated and styled. 

Stainless Steel

For a clean look and feel that exudes elegance, opt for stainless steel. This choice of material also creates a professional-looking kitchen. Overtime, this material will take on its own character and definition. 


Creativity can roam freely with lacquer, with multiple textural finishes and colour polisbilites. With lacquer, your doors can become a standout feature, or be created to blend in with the overall concept. These panels will retain their glossy finish, and can even be enhanced with the likes of AntiPrint technology to reduce the visibility of fingerprints.

Mix and Match Materials

To create a kitchen with multiple dimensions, you can combine different materials together. This creates textures and elevates the overall design. For example, you can combine natural wooden door panels on the cabinets with stainless steel countertops, or a stone island with polished lacquer finishes as a backdrop on the cupboards. These contrasts can celebrate and enhance the materials. Browse SieMatic’s full range of materials to see which ones suit your style.


You can install a ceramic kitchen island with storage space below. SieMatic’s ceramic countertops can be fitted with cabinets below to make your kitchen functional and aesthetic. Ceramic is a homogeneous and hard material, perfect for creating a sturdy and lasting worktop.

About Al Gurg Living 

Al Gurg Living brings timeless and multi-functional SieMatic kitchens to the UAE. Whether your taste aligns with the pure, urban or classic style, each SieMatic kitchen is unique. The exclusive design promises to instil elegance in the heart of your home.

AGL is passionate about intelligent design through modern technology and natural materials. We provide our clients with holistic kitchen solutions, with everything from drawers to surfaces, cabinatary, and shelving. Our process involves 3 simple steps: inspiration, consultation, and precise planning. 


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