The Art of Cooking with SieMatic Pure SLX

Experience cooking as a form of artistry in a stylish luxe kitchen designed by SieMatic. The SLX concept kitchen forms part of the PURE collection and features four key characteristics:weightlessness, light, feel and transparency. Set your sights on a kitchen design that centers on smart innovation, timeless design, and redefined simplicity. 

These kitchens offer full functionality for seamless cooking, besides being a beautiful part of the home where you can entertain guests. They are generously sized and feature tinted glass surfaces for a sophisticated look.

The SLX kitchens emphasise harmonious proportions combining lighting interplays and weightless countertops. These countertops are made for kitchens of distinction, with the capability of handling all kinds of culinary activities. They are crafted with a variety of natural and composite stones without the presence of seams to showcase the beauty of its form. The marble style slimline ceramic creates a bold presence in the room.

SLX kitchens feature sleek finishes to capture the PURE design principles. Light becomes a tangible element to reform the kitchen and create an inspired atmosphere, ultimately  elevating the space into an artistic realm. The lighting is integrated into the kitchen cabinetry to create an interplay of elegant transparency with comfortable weightlessness.


The cabinetry is handle-free thanks to a recessed grip of delicate proportions which creates a refined look. The SieMatic Interior System can be integrated for smart design elements like the GripDeck draw bottom to protect from catches or integrated USB ports to suit your lifestyle needs. 

Islands and countertops in this collection appear to be floating, with complimentary glass cabinets to complete the look. There are also transparent panels and shelves set upon delicate frames in your choice of metal to enhance the weightless design. The PURE design element is evoked with delicate craftsmanship across tactile surfaces. 

The kitchen features indirect illumination in the recesses unseen to the eye to accentuate the various elements of the kitchen and set the mood. This lighting can be controlled to suit desired brightness and colour temperature. 

Each element of SieMatic SLX Pure is fully customisable. Clients have a selection of materials, surfaces, and colours to choose from. When designing your kitchen, you can opt for classic veneer or striking metal, with matching or contrasting touches. The lacquer options are available in 1,950 colours. 

With a style that is adaptive, and a plethora of options for your interior needs, SieMatic offers unique kitchen designs suited to your home and needs. Our clients work with a specialist who will oversee the design, manufacture and installation of your German-made luxury kitchen. 

SieMatic transforms kitchens into works of art in a space that is befitting to celebrate the mastery of culinary arts. The best in design features meets sleek and timeless styles that blend seamlessly with the rest of the home. Discover the refined SLX PURE kitchens by SieMatic. 


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