Top Christmas Decor Ideas for Kitchens of All Sizes

Will you be home for the holidays? Spread the festive cheer this season by decorating your kitchen with Christmas decorations. Here is a roundup of the top ideas we’ve seen in the world of decor, with options suitable for kitchens of all sizes.

While the focus of festive decor usually centres on the tree in the living room, the kitchen plays an important role in Christmas celebrations. It is where families gather to prepare special dishes made with love. It is also a great way to tie in your seasonal decor so that the cheerful spirit flows throughout your house.

Since many traditional Christmas meals are prepared in the oven, the handle for the oven is the perfect place to drape decor ahead of the family feast. This can be with a themed tea towel, a string of glitzy tinsel or a bow made of ribbon. If you have bar stools in the kitchen, you can also hang Christmas stockings ready for your loved ones.

The kitchen backsplash is a focal point in all kitchens, making it the perfect spot to create a complementary centre feature to display. Hang or lean a Christmas garland to mark the season as a focal point, which will work equally as well in the centre of a window if you have one in your kitchen. Another option is to purchase smaller garlands to hang at the back of your kitchen island chairs.

In keeping with the theme of nature, you can hang traditional mistletoe-style decor and lush green garlands. You can even introduce miniature Christmas trees - and they don’t need to be green! Metallic works just as well and creates a glamorous ambience. Pine cones are also a traditional element closely linked with this time of year. You can place these all around the kitchen, from the countertops to open display shelves.


Another way to introduce Christmas magic in the kitchen is by creating a centrepiece. Begin with a tray which you can layer with ornaments, candles, and snacks. This is perfect for the kitchen island or counter if you have a smaller kitchen. If you don’t have a bar in your kitchen, you can create a dedicated spot for beverages like specially mixed cocktails or hot chocolate with cinnamon and marshmallows.

Another tip is to make your kitchen sparkly with opulent ornaments. You can hang baubles and decorations like stars decked in glittery shades of silver and gold. If you have special crockery sets or festive cookie jars, this is the time to bring them out and celebrate in style.

The decor can also be interactive with a decorating station. This works well at the kitchen island where there is space for friends and family to gather. Bake some delicious gingerbread cookies and have all of the icing and sweets ready to go. It is an activity that both adults and children will enjoy getting involved in.

Lighting sets the mood in a room, and during the festive period, this is no different. If you have pendant lights in the kitchen, you can hang all kinds of decorations on them. Another idea is to lay fairy lights along the kitchen surfaces to create a festive glow.

That wraps the top decor ideas for your kitchen this Christmas. These will bring holiday cheer to the heart of your home and create the backdrop of fun-filled memories for years to come.

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