Where natural materials merge with high performance kitchens

Imagine your ideal kitchen. A place where form meets function, where the raw perfection of nature meets the engineered precision of technology. A place that mirrors the memories you will create there: warm, cozy and soulful. Welcome to the world of SieMatic.

Our kitchens aren’t just a place to cook: They are spaces to dream, to create, to cherish. In a world that mass-produces everything, we pay attention to the details. Every grain of wood, the quiet buzz of your oven and simple controls on the home-control system. We take care of the little things.


Our Secret

We take great pride in delivering a truly memorable experience rather than just selling a kitchen. Here’s how we do that.

High-quality Craftsmanship

We pay attention to the small details. Every slab of marble, every polished piece of steel, every grain of wood: we pay attention to it. Our materials are sourced from the finest suppliers in the world.

Quality and Curation

At SieMatic, form follows function. Every component of our kitchens, from the lights in the oven, to hinges on the cabinetry, each element passes the most rigorous testing. All of these come together to create a kitchen that’s the perfect sanctuary for the entire family.

Innovative Combinations

We experiment with multiple unusual, but highly effective combinations. The result is stunning kitchens, where the durability of stainless steel meets the untouched charm of marble, where the traceless texture of lacquer merges with the rugged charm of wood.

Our Materials

Every material conveys an emotion, while providing unique benefits. Here’s a brief explanation to help you make a better decision.

Natural Stone

Stone is a material that is untouched, pristine and expressive. It sends a strong, impressive, expansive message that signals prestige and royalty.


Ceramic is resilient and beautiful. It retains its simple charm despite wine spills, high temperatures and withstands stress better than any other material.



Stainless Steel

High-quality stainless steel is a chef’s favorite. It’s beautiful, sleek, and eternal. Stainless steel is antibacterial and its smooth surface makes it the easiest material to clean.


Lacquer provides a high-gloss, modern flavour to every kitchen. It lasts longer than most materials, retaining its shine for years. Technologies such as AntiPrint for matt surfaces reduces fingerprints, ensuring lasting protection.


Wood is synonymous with warmth and comfort. With expert craftsmanship and proper care, high-quality wood can last for several years. Wood’s versatility also makes it a beautiful, cozy and cost-effective option for your kitchen.

SieMatic: The Best of Both Worlds

At SieMatic, we marry the timeless beauty of nature to the latest advances in technology. Our kitchens are a throwback to the past and an invitation to the future: the smooth bark of a mahogany tree upon which your high-tech steam oven quietly whispers away. The polished, marbled counter beside the sizzle of your professional-grade induction cooktop.

At Siematic, the old and the new don’t collide. They blend to create something beautiful.



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